Services Provided

Whether you are a small business, individual, student, academic, association, professional, or corporate enterprise requiring help with digital transcriptions, tape transcriptions, secretarial or administrative tasks, Austranscriptions will be happy to assist you today.

Our core secretarial services include:

  • Word processing – correspondence, medico-legal reports, specifications, insurance reports, legal documents, invoices
  • Formatting of long / complex documents – manuals, theses, academic papers, novels
  • Proof-reading – for spelling and grammatical errors and consistency of layout and styles used
  • Digital transcriptions, video transcriptions, audio tape transcriptions, time-coded transcriptions
  • Bookkeeping assistance, MYOB data entry
  • Spreadsheets – design and data entry
  • Database management and data entry
  • Administrative and clerical
  • Computer tuition
  • Resumes and application Letters